Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders Services Offered in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA


Autism Spectrum Disorders services offered in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA

If your child, or you, struggle in social situations because of unique personality traits, it could be because of autism spectrum disorder. At Beverly Hills Psychiatry in Beverly Hills, California, board-certified psychiatrist Joseph Gulino, M.D., diagnoses autism and treats the condition. Call his office to learn more or use the online booking feature today.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Q&A

What is autism spectrum disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder is a mental health disorder in which brain development impacts how you interact socially and communicate with others. People with autism often have abnormal behavior patterns that impact their quality of living. Symptoms range in severity from mild to severe and are often debilitating when left untreated. 

What are the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder is an early childhood disorder though sometimes missed until later in life. Common symptoms of the disorder include:

  • Poor eye contact
  • Failure to respond to your name when called
  • Lack of facial expressions
  • Preferring to be alone
  • Delayed speech in children
  • Difficulty starting or keeping conversations 
  • Repeating phrases or words
  • Speaking in an abnormal rhythm or tone
  • Robot-like speech
  • Lack of emotions 
  • Being passive, disruptive, or aggressive
  • Lack of desire for friendships or inability to maintain them
  • Hand flapping, rocking, spinning, or other repetitive movements
  • Biting or head-banging
  • Having abnormally specific rituals or routines
  • Sound, touch, or light sensitivity
  • Fixating on certain objects
  • Refusal to eat foods with certain textures
  • Behavioral or emotional challenges

While there’s no cure for autism spectrum disorder, treatment can resolve many symptoms and help patients with the condition improve their behavior patterns. 

What are the risk factors for autism spectrum disorder?

The cause of autism isn’t known, but risk factors may include:

  • Family history of autism
  • Viral infections
  • Exposure to toxins
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Certain medications during pregnancy
  • Low birth weight
  • Having additional medical conditions
  • Older parental age
  • Being a boy

Boys are about three to four times as likely as girls to have autism spectrum disorder. If you’re prone to developing autism, you can’t necessarily prevent it.

How does my doctor diagnose autism spectrum disorder?

Dr. Gulino diagnoses autism spectrum disorder after reviewing your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle habits. He completes a psychiatric assessment, may order blood tests, and may review the last physical exam performed by your primary care doctor. During the psychiatric assessment, he asks questions about your thoughts, behavior patterns, mood, and emotions. He may conduct additional tests to evaluate social interaction.

How is autism spectrum disorder treated?

The most common treatment for autism spectrum disorder include:


Lifestyle changes

Get the necessary amount of sleep each night, regular exercise, eat nutritious foods, have a strong social support network, and keep stress levels low.


Medication management

Taking medications can treat some symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, such as irritability, to improve the quality of life for people with autism.



Dr. Gulino offers highly effective therapies to help children and adults with autism enhance social, behavioral, and communication skills. Family therapy can also help.


To learn more about autism spectrum disorder and its treatments, call the Beverly Hills Psychiatry office or schedule an appointment online today.